Has Closed Down


I'm sorry to have to say that due to continuing problems caused by an old and non supported script together with monthly problems of “sending emails" that would get receive,  the last of which lasted 9 days without solution or any hope of one, closing down was the only reasonable course of action.

The programme script was a very good one 6 or 7 years ago but the developer had stopped supporting it some years ago and we could not find a freelancer who was able and willing to maintain it.

We changed our hosting provider 3 times over the 6 years we were in operation as the membership level grew but it became obvious that the sending of member email ad’s was causing problems, members were not confident that they would be able to send or receive, emails are as you know the main product and point of a safelist and having no confidence or reliability over this meant that MySafeListMailer .com could not continue.

We have for a few months suffered the email sending problems every couple of weeks and each time when fixed I believed all would now be good but within weeks it would stop again, the frequency is increasing and if I were a member I would not like not knowing if my ad's were being delivered or not.

I hope over the years that members think that we have been good for them and that the site has provided what they were using it for, I’m sad to have come to this point after the years that have been put in to it, as to losing money well over the years to break even was good to have made some money out of MySafelistMailer would have been fantastic but an achievement that has proved to have been not achieved. has been removed from the hosting companies server and the domain name now runs on another hosting company, this is the only page that remains.

If you need to contact me then please do so by email at:

I will respond to you.

Thanks and good bye to you all.